Google Adsense account reactivated


7 years back, i had used Google Adsense for one of my website. The website was meant to give information about operating systems. Although there wasn’t much traffic, but it was progressing good. I also did social sharing, which helped to get some traffic. Just after 2 weeks, i started generating revenue. Each day i was getting close to 0.8 dollars approx. This was going well for me and my revenue reached to 84 dollars in 3 months. Google pays, once you earn 100 dollars and I was close. But things went down when i received this email.

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Dependency Injection in PHP

Ajaxtown - Dependency Injection

Dependency Injection is a software design pattern that allows avoiding hard-coding dependencies and makes possible to change the dependencies both at runtime and compile time. 

Every project will have lots of classes. Few classes will depend on other classes.  For example, we have a Library class which gets the name of the books from the database. So our library class is dependent on the database class.

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Tutorial: AngularJS Fundamentals


In this tutorial i will explain AngularJS Fundamentals with a user management demo application.

I have been very happy with jQuery and didnt pay much attention to AngularJS, thinking it is similar to jQuery. But i was so dead wrong.  After reading and exploring this Framework, i fell in love with it instantly.  Without a doubt,  

AngularJS is quickly becoming the dominant JavaScript framework for professional web development.

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Themeforest vs Mojo Themes


I thought of writing the post “Themeforest vs MojoThemes”  for designers and serious programmers. I have been coding since 7 years and find this field highly addictive.

Earlier I used to edit free themes to match the requirement. That would save my time and effort. But if you are seriously looking out to make money from theme development, editing theme just won’t help. You really need to know in and out of WordPress. Continue reading