About Me

Posted on Sep 19th, 2015

Abhishek Saha is a PHP & Javascript Programmer who learned designing skills on the way.  He is fond of creating new applications which has a lot of object oriented stuff in it.

The below timeline describes him well.

1985 – He was born.

1986 – Learned to crawl. B&W TV entered home.

1987 – Was  a pain to the family. Really ! But he was always fond of his Dad.

1988 – Hit his brother’s arm with a hammer because he didn’t like to be teased .

1989 – Woke his Dad up in the midnight to make him sleep in his lap. He was also admitted to St. Xavier’s School for Jr. KG

1990 – Got promoted to Sr. KG. Hated his Principle. He was told that the principle has a TV where he can see him 24×7.

1991 – Relocated to Gujarat Township. Now he was in 1st Standard. Got Red Belt.  First color TV, Onida entered home.

1992 – A swing hit him behind his left  ear. 3 stitches.

1993 – Got chased by street dogs. Ran for 1 km until helped arrived. Got first prize in painting competition.

1994 – Started playing TT with his Dad outside the house.  Got his first bicycle – Hero Ranger, which was heavier than him. This was the only gift that was not passed on from his brother.

1995 – Moved out from township. Started playing cricket in the basement.  Made tea for the first time.

1996 – Mom got admitted to hospital for appendix operation. He cooked and took care of the family all by himself.

1997 – Fought with his brother because the table lamp light disturbed his sleep. Parents woke up to the thunderous sound of punches and kicks. Brother sold an adapter to him for 100 bucks. He arranged money from the piggy bank which his Mother used to maintain. He made a remote control car “BIG ENOUGH FOR A LAB MOUSE” for a school exhibition and bagged the first prize.

1998 – His brother moved out to pursue engineering in REC Trichy. He was happy. He got the whole room. All his belongings were passed on to him. He made a working lift for school exhibition and again got first prize.

1999 – Got first prize for handwriting competition and second prize for high jump. First computer with internet entered home. It was IBM – Pentium 3. Created visualizations for winamp. Saw porn images for the first time. Brother introduced him to HTML and Linux. Made a gallery for neighbor aunties daughter and impressed all. Brother created his first email id on Yahoo. Shocked his Dad by raising the telephone bill to 5200.

2000 –  Made his first website in geocities. Downloaded and kept hacking apps and tutorials in it. He even hacked his classmates passwords in the most foolish way. Experienced earthquake. Stole telephone line from downshop and got caught. Got first tight slap from Dad.  Mom gifted walkman – sony.  Played Age of Empires.

2001 – Started learning flash and made an intro video. Mother removed keyboard and mouse and locked them in cupboard. But he knew the key location and hooked them up in her absence.  Started learning C.  First crush started and ended in 6 months.

2002  –  Started learning C.  Did lot of maths and physics. Passed Biology by int 3.  First online crush with US Female. Copied pasted first love letter in email.

2003 – Entered college. Played lot of radio.  Got pocket money, 2k pm. First time drank beer and later vodka.

2004  – First time smoked cigarette. Wrote his first VB program. Interfaced remote control car with keyboard.

2005 – Got brothers discarded computer. Bought lan cable and played AOE in hostel 1v1. Later pulled many friends to play 5v5 . Smoked first joint and got the most horrible trip.

2006 – Configured PHP, Mysql, Apache together for the first time. Started learning PHP and queries in mysql. Made lot of useless applications.  Even Hello World seemed to be so awesome.

2007 – Got placed in Capgemini as Associate Consultant. Learned more and more of PHP.  Got Credit card before first salary. Spent 20k and upgraded Computer.

2008 – Registered adsense with Google to make online money. Created a bot to click links at frequent intervals. Earned nicely for 4 days. Got caught. Account dismissed.  Lost money.

2009 – Brother shared his hosting account. Booked his first domain, ajaxtown.com. Started playing Warcraft – Dota.  Favorite hero Rastha. Integrated PHP with SAP. Created demo app for Indian Air Force & won the project for Capgemini. Credit Card debt touched a peak of 1.5 Lacs.

2010 – Switched to IBM. Went to Calcutta for KT for 2 months. Worked from home for 7 months. Create Ajax Framework and won first prize in IBM Tech Show. Bought Laptop – Sony Vaio (VPCEB36FG) with Provident Fund money.

2011 – Left IBM. Fractured his leg. Joined EVRY. Went Norway – Oslo. Saw terrorist attack. Created first Chrome plugin – Paper Toss for Google+. Came back.

2012 – Created Town of Pixels, an application for designers and photographers. It died in short time. Then built EagleHorn – A PHP MVC Framework. Opensourced. This is still alive.  Signed up a project with Joseph Cairns – squashchampions.com and build it for over a year. Bought Washing Machine.

2013 –  Cleared all credit card bills. Created Uranium – A wordpress theme for over 3 months which got 9 rejections from Themeforest.

2014 – Themes get approved. Joined Cognizant. Won CodeJam. Redeveloped squashchampions.com.  Wasted 3 days in writing a About Me page.

2015 – Released Eaglehorn PHP MVC Framework 2.0. Joined Rocket Internet and relocated to Berlin. Learned NodeJS and ReactJS. Redeveloped my website.

100% Complete