Themeforest vs Mojo Themes

Posted on Feb 15th, 2014

I thought of writing the post “Themeforest vs MojoThemes”  for designers and serious programmers. I have been coding since 7 years and find this field highly addictive.

Earlier I used to edit free themes to match the requirement. That would save my time and effort. But if you are seriously looking out to make money from theme development, editing theme just won’t help. You really need to know in and out of WordPress.

Themeforest is a great marketplace to sell your themes. But getting your theme accepted here is really a pain.  But if you succeed, you will realize the value of your efforts. I have seen users creating amazing designs but they were rejected forever. My theme Uranium was rejected 9 times which made me hate the reviewers of themeforest.  Themeforest community is great and really helpful. There suggestions really helps to uplift the design of your theme to new levels. But even then, it ultimately depends on the reviewers to accept it. I had to leave themeforest unwillingly due to this.

Later I submitted my theme to Mojo with least expectation. I was little worried about the sales.  But to my surprise, my theme was very well accepted and it did very well with sales. I found the reviewers very humble and nice.

I must say, that the rejections i had in themeforest were worth. If you can manage to learn something from rejections, you will surely succeed.  My theme wouldn’t have come in the most popular category without those rejections.

There are tons of tutorials to learn theme development. I found the wordpress documentation very helpful. You can do a google search and find out more. Also, there are youtube tutorials available to help you get started. But seriously there are no shortcuts. Shortcuts are for professionals and really not for beginners.

Happy Coding !


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