Posted on Jan 28th, 2014

StreamBeats is a free software used to update your Twitter Profile and/or Facebook Wall or Website from your Winamp’s or iTunes currently playing track automatically.

Version History:

Version 4.0 (10-10-2013)
A completely new user interface with metro style
Added lyrics feature
Added iTunes support
Added Facebook support
New notification interface

Version 3.1 (10-09-2013)
Bug while tweeting radio stations. Note: Tracks playing through Radio stations do not have ID3 tags. So only the title will be tweeted.

Version 3.0 (04-09-2013)
New Interface. Tweet Counter enhancement. Changed Twitter API. Added Remote Control. Redeveloped auto-update feature.

Version 2.1 (04-05-2012)
Bug in Artist Tag fixed (missing alphabets). A .NET Framework error was triggered due to no internet connectivity. Fixed.

Version 2.0 (01-05-2012)
Fixed Minor Bugs. Added auto-update feature. Added Artist, Trackname and Tracklength tags in XML.

Version 1.0 (28-04-2012)
Contains basic controls for winamp. Custom Notifications like Tweet Delivery, Track change and Error Notifications. Auto Generated XML to use in your Website.


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